We’re introducing the True Factor Plugin for WordPress, which provides top-level user security for your site.

  • Two-factor login with SMS and Authenticator App
  • Login with SMS one-time passcode (without entering password)
  • Protect any pages and forms with password, SMS or time-based token (Authenticator App)
  • Phone number confirmation
  • Customisable dialogs, emails, buttons (you can adjust text and styles via admin panel and by overriding template files)
  • Multiple SMS gateways are supported (Clickatell, Twilio, MSG91, more to be added soon).

Why is True Factor Auth better than other plugins? Let’s find out!

True Factor AuthOther plugins
Security– Strict security checks are done on frontend and backend, which ensures full protection from unautorised access.– No security checks on the back-end. Any user can easily bypass two-factor authorisation by disabling or modifying JavaScript.
Customisability– Define your own rules, texts and styles.
– Allow users to choose their verificartion methods using convenient interface.
– Pre-defined styles that hardly can be changed to match your site style.
– No settings available for non-privileged users
Flexibility– You can define access rules for virtually any action on your blog. Registration, login, comment, checkout, whatever.
– Can be configured to work with virtually any forms, plugins, pages
– Multiple verification methods
– Different plugins for different verification methods
– Cross-incompatibility: one plugin breaks others’ functionalities
Quality– Created with modern yet time-tested technologies to ensure outstanding stability and performance– Outdated technology, poor code quality, lack of maintainability


Sometimes one picture is better than thousand words. Check out these examples of the True Factor Auth plugin work.

Protecting a custom form

With True Factor Auth plugin you can add verification dialog to any form on your site with. See how it works with Authenticator one-time passcode and password

Protect custom form with Authenticator
Protect custom form with Password

Restricting access to a page

If you have a page where sensitive user information is displayed (e.g financial transactions), you can create a rule to require authorisation prior to showing this page.

Two-factor login

To improve your site security, you can enable two-factor login feature. With your new plugin you can secure the default WordPress login form as well as custom forms (e.g the Ultimate Member login form in this example).

Two-Factor Authentication with True Factor Auth

User settings interface

True Factor Auth plugin allows users to activate and choose verification methods for certain actions. In this example we show how user activates verification with SMS one-time password.

User security settings

Of course, you can disable this feature in admin panel.

See it in action

Want some user experience? You can try it yourself right now!

  1. Register
  2. Setup your verification methods on the Security Settings page
  3. Try updating your profile info on the Account page
  4. Try accessing the Secret Page

Have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected]!