How to protect custom form with password or SMS code using True Factor Auth plugin

In this example we’ll restrict access to the Account form provided by the Ultimate Member plugin, which is usually located under /account/. As result, user will be asked to confirm any changes with his password or second-factor verification method (one-time password from SMS or Authenticator App). Step 1. Obtaining the form parameters. First, we needcontinue reading

True Factor Auth User Settings

The True Factor Auth plugin comes with user settings interface, which can be integrated on any page of your site with simple short-code: [[true-factor-methods]] This is how it may look: It works out-of the box! While the user interface inherits your current theme styling, you can easily change their appearance by adding CSS rules orcontinue reading

WordPress Two-Factor Login

To improve security of your website, you may want to add two-factor authentication. There are plenty of plugins offered for this purpose, some of them are free and some are paid, some of them work and some do not. For those who value quality and safety we offer True Factor Auth plugin, which provides top-levelcontinue reading